The battle cry has sounded
Sounded the alarm
Their purpose and intention
To inflict and to cause harm.

Void of moral fortitude
Filled with hate and scorn
An outlet for their prejudice
They proudly blow their horn.

They follow blindly …. willingly
A herd of heartless souls
Screaming … chanting …waving fists
Their blood runs thin and cold.

Inflicting pain and punishment
On those they deem to be
Their threat …. their counter opposite
An envisioned enemy.

They harbor intense hatred
Want an outlet …. a venue
Someone who will lead them
Who will organize a coup.

No respect or deference
For police authority 
They push ahead …. no concern
For their honor or safety.

They violated every norm
Desecrated the sanctity
Of  a building that stands and represents 
American Democracy.

Sad to say the President 
Set the stage for this discourse
Full well …. knowing the outcome
Without regret …. shame or remorse.

Time to stop this psychopath
Before it is too late
Time to stop the fostering 
Of prejudice and hate. 


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

8 thoughts on “SAD TO SAY”

      1. I’m happy to say I live in Southern California — but there are demonstrations here too! It’s scary times, and I suspect it will be a rough 2 weeks coming up! Stay sfe, stay well.

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