Go back in your cave
Go back to your hole
You have no heart
You have no soul.

Outta control
Seething with hate
You should be held
Behind prison gates.

The call to arms
Is for those who enlist
For soldiers and sailors
Police …. not convicts.

The angry… the violent
Will never prevail
When all the dust settles
You’ll end up in jail.

Madness and mayhem 
Terror and pain
What’s wrong with you?
Are you insane?

No real agenda
You’re damaged … you’re sick
You have no honor
Cease and desist.

No self respect
You should be ashamed
If allowed to persist 
They’ll be  more of the same.

What were you thinking?
Violence and fear
Can’t be the answer
It brings me to tears.

Grown men and  women
Wearing costumes
Shouting and wailing
Like clowns and buffoons.

Force and destruction
Won’t solve anything
Guns …. sticks and knives
What else did you bring?

Molotov Cocktails
Pipe bombs …. gasoline?
Why are you so evil 
So hateful …. so mean?

Wanting to make
America great
Can’t be accomplished
Through violence and hate.


Photo from Google Images: Gettyimages-1230

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

12 thoughts on “MADNESS AND MAYHEM”

    1. Hi! I’ve heard the same thing! Wondering what they are planning to do… to stop them! They need to remove trump from office immediately!!!!! Pence is a coward! He is refusing to activate the 25th Amendment. Glad they are moving forward with Impeachment, but McConnell will do what he can…. to slow the process. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! They should terminate Josh Hawley from his position on the Senate now, too! Any and all senators who are showing support for the terrorists that attacked the Capitol…. need to be shown the door, as well! These are frightening times!!!

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      1. Josh Hawley is a real asshole, and I agree with you that he should be removed. Also Ted Cruz and the other fuck up Lindsey Graham. They’re Trump’s ass wipers, enablers and what ever else you can use describe them with.

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