Hanging out… sitting here
Alone inside my crib
What ya want? What you saying?
What ya think I did?

I be packing …. always wrapping 
Wrapping up my shit
Don’ be  thinking …. I be raising
Raising up your kid.

You be calling…. you be sniffing
Looking to find me
You be hoping ….you get lucky
But you’re wrong, baby.

You be pretty….. you be tasting
Tasting mighty fine
But that BB you be having
Honey, it ain’t mine.

Gotta go ….. the clock is ticking
Getting kinda late
Meeting up with someone later
Got myself a date.

Here’s your coat …. get your purse?
I’ll help ya… walk ya out
You’ll be fine … I’m sure ya will
Don’t worry…got no doubt.

Have to wonder …. what the fuck
What is coming next?
Do I have to see a doctor?
Maybe get a test?

Ain’t about to be a daddy…..
I know that for sure
Gonna have to fix this problem ….
Better find a cure.

You be coming round for something
Coming late at night
You be wanting me to hold ya…
Hold ya really tight.

But like I said … I wrap it up…
I wrap it really good
I take no chances…pretty careful
I wrap it like I should.

No way you gonna tell me
That I’m the one to blame
Cause I’m the one… who rocked your world
The night you said you came.

Call my lawyer …. call my shrink…
Think I need another pill
Gonna need a tranquilizer….
Yes, I think I will.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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