She comes to the window
I give her some treats
She walks thru the alley
She lives on the street.

She’s soft and she’s fuzzy
She’s strong and she’s lean
A sweet little kitty
Never vicious or mean.

At times she is leary
Always on the alert
Seems very nervous
Doesn’t want to get hurt.

Her life isn’t easy
It’s a jungle out there
There are bears and coyotes
Who wouldn’t be scared?

I made her a bed
A small wooden box
Ideal for a cat
A dog or a fox.

She sleeps there at night
Guess she calls it “home”
But, I hate to think
Of her out there alone.

Once in awhile
She will come inside
But, if I close the door
She’ll start to cry.

She sits on the couch
Like a beautiful princess
She feels safe enough
I’m so happy she’s with us.


Photo by Angela Galardi.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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