Please don’t …. please don’t come over
It won’t help me …. it’s not right
I don’t want to have to see you
Don’t come over here tonight.

All you want to do is fuck me
And I’ll give in …. give into you
Once you start to try and touch me
We both know …. what we will do.

The chemistry between us 
Is so hot ….. so volatile 
You’ll start taking off your clothes
I can’t resist that charming smile.

I’ll say no …. but you won’t listen
You’ll kiss my neck and stroke my hair
You won’t spend the whole night with me
I’ll wake up …. you won’t be there.

You moved on …. I tried to find you
Years had past ….  you went away
It was by chance …. we saw each other
That I ran into you today.

One last kiss …. one night together
Another blow …. to hurt my pride
We both know …. you’ll only use me
We both know…. that you’ll just lie.

Keep your distance …. please don’t call me
No messages…. no  flirty texts
You want one thing from me only
We both know …. you just want sex.

There you have it …. plain as day
At last …. I see through you
I am getting so much better 
And I know what I should do.

Lock the door …. block your number
Pull the shades …. turn off the lights
There’s no way you’re coming over
It’s not happening tonight.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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