Hold me close …. don’t let go
I’ve fallen through the cracks
I’m trying but I can’t break through
Can’t seem to make it back.

What can I say? What can I do?
The net’s about to rip
My hands are sweating …. can’t hold on
About to lose my grip.

So out of touch …. so confused
Walking through this maze
Can’t see the truth …. in front of me
Can’t seem to find my way.

Can’t you walk beside me
Won’t you reach out for my hand?
Please don’t go …. not just yet
Please try to understand.

I’m feeling cold and desperate
About to lose my mind
Didn’t see the lights ahead
Those flashing warning signs.

I’m looking for a lifeline
Please don’t let me go
I need a search and rescue 
From this avalanche of snow.


Photo from Google Images: jcdunnvox.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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