Please come to your senses
This can’t happen again
Trump’s reign of terror
Must be stopped …. it must end.

Police officers beaten
Our government defamed
Our officers out numbered
And Donald’s to blame.

The Capitol ….. attacked
By bullies and thugs. 
Please stop this madness
Enough is  enough!

Now the Senate won’t convict
And wants us to forget
Everything that Trump told us
Everything that he  had said.

Trump was filmed on video
Firing up the group
He had them charge the Capitol
He led the violent coup.

They stormed the building
Broke down the doors 
Emboldened …. they walked
The Senate floors.

They threatened to hang
Vice President Pence
Kill Speaker Pelosi 
With help from their friends.

They broke through the windows
They shattered the glass
Wearing war paint
Costumes and hats.

They screamed and they shouted
They just didn’t care
While  members of Congress
Were hiding and  scared.

What do we do
To get the Senate to act
To prosecute trump
Who began this attack?

Where are the laws
To make them comply?
Their behavior and lies
Make me want to cry.

They lack a conscience
They still want a fight
They don’t seem to know 
How to do …. what is right. 


Photo by Google Images: mercurynews.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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