Watch your step …. be careful
Beware of broken glass
Don’t try so hard …. pull over
You’re going way too fast.

The cards are on the table
The writing’s on the wall
Watch your step …. be cautious
You might  slip or you could fall.

You need to heed the warnings
Observe the caution lights
You’re swimming in the deep end
It’s never safe at night.

Yellow lights are blinking
You need a safety net
It’s time to take precautions
Wear your helmet …. don’t forget.

Don’t linger…. they are watching
They have cameras in the air
Keep up the pace …. don’t falter
Even though you’re feeling scared.

In the twilight of the evening
When the sun is going down
You will find a place of solace
As you lay your body down.

In the early morning hours
Hear the birds high in the trees
They  will beckon you to wake up
Just before it’s time to leave.

It’s been a tiresome journey
One you had to make alone
But once you cross the meadow 
You’ll be there …. you will be home.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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