Doesn’t matter what I say
You have your own agenda
You tell the same old stories twice
Because you don’t remember.

Not interested in anything
Unless it pertains to you
Can’t stay focused very long
“Have to go… there’s lots to do!” 

I wish we could be closer
But that can never happen
Whatever I tell you today
By tomorrow is forgotten.

So easily distracted
By a brand new shiny object
Often displaced … lost and obscured
Left forgotten….in your pocket.

I try my best to engage
I try hard to reconnect
But you’re not really interested
Cause …. there’s someone you just met.

She’s got your attention
Heard she moved in right next door
You think …. she is amazing
She’s someone you adore.

Before long …. you’ll get tired
You’ll look for someone new
Hopefully by then …. I will
I will be over you.


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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