What becomes of cons and thieves
Players who will lie, players who cheat?
In the end …. do they get theirs?
It seems so callous, seems so unfair.

On the surface … slick and shrewd
They’re calculating every move
Often vain and over zealous
Underneath sly, cold and jealous.

But, don’t  confuse their wants and needs
They’ll cut you loose …. then watch you bleed.
No remorse …. no consequence
No desire to make amends.

You hope for karma coming through
To give them back what they are due
But, what if evil does prevail
If justice can’t balance the scales?

There’s no guilt …. there’s no regret
You might as well give up …. forget
Be thankful that you can move on
Be grateful they are finally gone.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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