The way you move
The way you talk
The way you stand
The way you walk.

Your voice …. your touch
That sweet perfume
You fill the air
Light up a room.

I couldn’t move
I couldn’t breathe
I knew how this
Would always be.

I’d sell my soul
To be with you
There was no one
No one like you.

The spark …..the heat
Extreme elation
Every thought
Every sensation.

Nothing compared
No one could know
Just how I felt
When we were close.

The stars…. the moon
The galaxy
You took me there
Excited me.

My inner thoughts
My wildest dreams
No one had known
Or ever seen!

There beyond
The dark blue light
I longed to be
With you each night.

Drawn to the heat
A roaring fire
A blaze of lust
Filled with desire.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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