A slippery slope
I found it to be
No way to stop it
You let go of me.

I went on alone
Fell all the way down
Never came back
Was never found.

Had to start over
All over again
Being without you
Right to the end.

So far above me
So far below
Never enough
Too far to go.

Settling, accepting
My fate predetermined
No looking back
I carry the burden.

Spending a lifetime
Longing and wanting
Blaming myself
Forever pondering.

Grieving the loss
Walking away
Erasing the memory
Getting closer each day.

Pray to stop wanting
Accepting rejection
The truth to be known
It’s just an obsession.


I can’t imagine,
I can’t believe.
That you are going,
That you would leave.

I didn’t see it.
I didn’t know.
Could I have stopped you?
Please, don’t go!

We take for granted,
We fall in love.
Think it’s forever.
It’s not enough.

To keep the magic.
Ignite a spark.
To see the light,
When it’s so dark.

I can’t imagine.
I can’t believe.
That it’s all over.
That you would leave.

But, in the morning,
When I awake
I’ll look beside me
To see your face.

By then I’ll know
That you have gone.
I’m sure to weep.
I’m sure to mourn.


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via Daily Prompt: Stifle


If you have the need to stifle
What you believe is true
There must be a reason
Something motivating you.

Holding back the truth
Not sharing information
Just might be the reason
You’re controlling the narration.

What is it you are hiding
That you keep so deep inside?
What is it you’re afraid of
And feel the need to hide?

Is this secret so deep seeded
So ingrained in you
Are you really that afraid
Of what you know is true?

Sometimes being quiet
Will keep the truth at bay
When fearful of the outcome
Best to limit what you say.


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We sit along the water’s edge
Waiting for a tug on our lines
Sweetly reminiscing
About old friends and company
Family members we’re missing.

Shots heard in the distance
I pray the targets missed
Your hands show your age
Your face, sun worn
Your eyes still that of a five year old.

Smiling, when I catch a weed pike
Or you hear the sound of the old field toad
A thermos full of hot coffee
All the stories you have told.
So many memories

I love that old flannel shirt you’re wearing
I’ve sewn the buttons and your torn pocket sleeve
More times than I can count
Looks like the fog’s rolling out
The sun is coming up.

It’ll be lunchtime, before you know it.


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Splitting the bill
A good idea
Wish we could leave
Get out of here.

Go to your place
Maybe mine
Sit and talk
Drink some wine.

Far away from
My hometown
Feeling lonely
Feeling down.

It’s not a “come on”
Just a plea
Wish you cared
Cared for me.

Love your shirt
Love your smile
So good to talk
If for awhile.

Before you say
You have to leave
Before I know
You’ll have to go.


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What could have happened?
What could have changed?
Who is at fault?
Who is to blame?

I’d do anything, to get you back.
To start all over, to get on track.
Just for a moment, just for awhile
To lay beside you, to see you smile.

But, we’re so different, you and I.
We’ll never know the reasons why.
Why in an instant it was gone.
I’ll never know, what we did wrong.

They say you can’t go back in time.
It wasn’t yours, it wasn’t mine.
To try to keep, to try to own.
I guess it’s best, leave it alone.

But, when I see you standing there,
I can’t pretend that I don’t care.
I don’t want to walk away.
Can’t we try to find a way?

What could have happened?
What could have changed?
Who is at fault?
Who is to blame?


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via Daily Prompt: Inkling


I’ve had an inkling
About who you are
We met on a weekend
At Houlihan’s Bar.

Something about you
The look in your eyes
I’ve got some questions
You’ve got alibis.

You look kind of shady
I’ve got my doubts
I’m trying my best
To figure you out.

Witness protection?
Involved in a crime?
Are you hiding out
To avoid doing time?

Are you a robber
A scammer, a thief?
What are you hiding
Deep underneath?

Involved in a murder?
You saw too much?
You had to relocate
And keep out of touch?

I read in the paper
A guy’s on the run
He wasn’t a mobster
He was his son.

What’s on your agenda?
Do you have a plan?
Will I find out
You’re a wanted man?

Tell me the truth
Before it’s too late
Don’t make me wonder
Don’t make me wait.


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As a Physician Assistant, I did a rotation in the Burn Unit, which was akin to a Torture Chamber, as far as I was concerned! I worked at a major New York City hospital, for many years.
They were well known for the care and treatment they provided, for patients with severe and extensive burns. It was not uncommon to hear patients crying out in agony, as you passed thru the double doors leading to the patient treatment area of the Burn Unit. Family members were noted grieving at a patient’s bedside or sitting quietly, crying in the waiting room. It wasn’t fun!

One afternoon, a mom pushing her infant in a carriage, along with her seven-year-old boy and his grandmother, were walking on the sidewalk in Manhattan. Without warning, a manhole cover blew up onto the sidewalk. It was the result of a gas line explosion.
The boy’s mom and his infant sister were killed instantly. The grandmother sustained minor injuries, The seven-year-old boy was severly burned but, still alive.
He almost died. Maybe, he should have. I admit that I asked God to take him. It was too much to bear!
The extreme pain and agony the little boy endured, not just from the initial injuries but from the treatment required for the 3rd-degree burns he sustained, were beyond words!
It was horrible!!!!! By far, the worst encounter of my life!

The treatment for massive burns is horrific, unimaginably painful! The goal is to stabilize the patient’s airway, get IV lines in place to hydrate the patient and infuse medications. The next step involves treating the burns with topical medications, followed by debridement and grafting if needed. Debridement involves the process of removing the affected dead skin, that’s caused by the burns.
Burns can be caused by fire, heat, extreme cold, electrocution and chemicals. Treating burns as soon as possible is paramount. The burnt skin is often black or white in color. It’s called “Eschar”. Patients in need of debridement, are placed into a large stainless steel full body bathtub. It’s called a debridement tank.
The sight of patients recovering from severe burns would bring tears to your eyes. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. I have great admiration and respect for the medical staff that work in burn units, across the country, and throughout the world. It’s a tough job!

Patients with severe, large percentage body burns, are taken to the Operating Room. In the OR, dead tissue is excised. Healthy skin from any viable area of the patient’s body, or cadaver skin if needed, is excised. The damaged skin has to be replaced. This is all dependent on the extent and degree of the burns. A healthy piece of skin once harvested, is put thru a small device (called a MESHER). The Mesher stretches the skin and puts holes in it. It transforms a small piece of skin into a larger piece, for covering more surface area. The mesh is then attached to viable tissue. This is called skin grafting.
Your skin is an organ. Its purpose is to protect the body. Without it, you would be susceptible to various bacteria resulting in fatal infections. The causes of death following a severe burn result from a sequence of events: airway damage, internal organ damage, dehydration, infection, sepsis.

I often sat with the boy at his bedside. I would try and talk to him. He was medicated due to the extent of his burns. Every attempt was made to offer him pain relief. It was difficult to think of what to say. He was a brave little boy. He was into action figures: HE-MAN and SKELETOR. That’s what his grandmother told me. I bought him a few figures. He was able to hold one, which made me happy. But, it wasn’t about me! It was about a little boy fighting for his life.

After close to a year, he was discharged. He had survived the accident but was terribly scared. Further treatment would be required with a plastic surgeon. He would still need to endure multiple surgical procedures and psychological intervention would be needed, as well.
He had not only been severely burned but had lost his mother and baby sister.
Bottom line…. Life is short!
Count your blessings!


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When I was just a little girl
You held me in your arms
You said you would always be there for me
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.

But time and distance between us
Has often kept us apart
And I fear I must tell you now
What I know, may break your heart.

I’ve tried so hard to please you
To place your dreams above my own
But the time has finally come for me
To face my fear and stand alone.

My dreams are not the same as yours
My path so different than your own
I’ve made mistakes along the way
Learned a lot and I have grown.

Hopefully into the kind of woman
That you have taught me to be
To cast aside prejudice and blame
To be fair to myself and those around me.

It hasn’t been very easy
Facing what I’ve feared for so long to be true
Knowing it would hurt you most
Ever fearful of losing you.

I know I’ve disappointed you
I’ve fallen short of your hopes and dreams
But I have to be true to myself
As I have to have faith and believe….

That although I’m no longer your little girl
When I need to be held in your arms
To know that you will always be there for me
To keep me safe, to keep me warm.


Photography by Brittany Kinlaw


via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable


Your words… so inscrutable
Leave me hopeless and forlorn
So blatantly unbelievable
Can’t say I wasn’t warned.

So many came before me
They tried to tell me so
The stories of your cheating
Can’t say I didn’t know.

I fell for all your sweet talk
Your smile and winsome charm
I wish I had known better
They did sound the alarm.

But I just wouldn’t listen
Had to give you one more chance
Thought that I could change you
Was lured by sweet romance.

All the lies and stories
The trap you set for me
I was like the others
Giving in so willingly.

I still here you laughing
Cannot forget that day
With tears streaming down my face
You turned and walked away.


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