Hairy legs and hairy pits
What’s a girl to do?
Break out the electric shaver
If it’s overgrown on you.

Lord knows we don’t like shaving
But the hairs grow oh so long
They pop up where you don’t want them to
Where they simply don’t belong.

You pluck them out, you pull and tug
But those damn things are so relentless
Some have roots like old oak trees
Your efforts leave you breathless.

Shaving cream makes such a mess
It’s tough to use a razor
The knicks and cuts that you’re left with
Look more like bloody craters.

They sting and burn, they hurt like hell
They take so long to heal
Bikini wax and depilatories
Might be a better deal.


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Let’s get together for coffee
What do you think? Is that okay?
We’ll meet up when you get off from work
I’ve got tickets to Saturday night’s play?

I’ll order you a Caramel Macchiato
You won’t have to wait on line
I’ll order coffee for the two of us
It will save us both some time.

You walked in shortly after I got there
Your hair was windblown and long
I saw the smile that you gave me
I knew then that I wasn’t wrong.

I had a feeling that you felt the same way
I was glad we were on the same page
I was happy you agreed to meet me
And that our seats were so close to the stage.

The evening that I planned was perfect
Perfect because I was there with you
Sitting there with you beside me
My dream had at last … come true.


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Sitting together out on the porch
Sitting on the old porch swing
Makes me remember days gone by
The smell of honeysuckle in the spring.

Fresh baked bread sitting on the counter
The kitchen always toasty warm
Sweet memories of days gone by
Days spent out on the farm.

Fresh eggs straight from the hen house
The chickens running free range
The pigs, the goats, the critters
We gave them each a name.

The kitchen table was built by hand
The kitchen, the place for our gatherings
My baby brother in my mother’s arms
All the children happily found clamoring.

Daddy’s plate the first to be served
Mama’s homemade berry jam
The milk being poured straight from the cow
And my sister petting her baby lamb.

The screen door slamming all day long
We’d all sit down to eat together
When it was time for the family blessing
I knew that things couldn’t get any better.


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The Zombies are coming
They’re chasing me
I need a newstart
I know you’ll agree.

A new town to live in
Far, far away
Where zombies and monsters
Aren’t looking to stay.

Gas up the car
Get ready to go
They’re on their way
They can walk thru the snow.

Nothing will stop them
Not snow and not ice
Don’t try to get close
Don’t think they are nice.

They’re half dead and hardy
They’re looking for food.
They want to eat us
They’re relentless and crude.

You’ll never outrun them
They keep on a coming
They never give up
They’re persistent and cunning.

So get into the car
Let’s get out of here
I think I can smell them
I think they are near.

Their bodies have rotted
You can smell the decay
We have to escape them
We must drive away.

Hurry don’t linger
There isn’t much time
They’re on our trail
And, not far behind.


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via Daily Prompt: Restart


A newstart, a new beginning
Going to get away from you
A new town, a new job
I plan to start anew.

Leaving all the noise behind
Your negative remarks
Going to protect myself
And mend my broken heart.

New friends, new adventures
I can turn my life around
I should have done it sooner
Should have left this half-baked town.

I’ll pack my bags tomorrow
Going to get an early start
Heading out, I won’t look back
I’ll drive till it gets dark.

Riding down the highway
Every town that I pass by
Helps me to forget you
And all your cheating lies.

Looking thru the rearview mirror
Puts a small upon my face
Your memory won’t linger long
It will be easily erased.


via Daily Prompt: Dim


REPOST from my blog…… from February 1, 2018

Why must we do it with the lights on?
Can’t you see it hurts my eyes?
Perhaps I’m photosensitive
I know I’m not just shy.

Why I have done it on a table top
On the beach and in the back of a car.
I bet if you’d just dim those lights,
You’d be impressed with me, by far.

Maybe we should try it in the bathtub
With some candles burning bright
Perhaps you’d think it was midday
And the mood would be just right.

For me, I might prefer a blindfold
A little prop to induce the mood
Maybe then I’d think it was midnight
As you gazed upon me nude.

Why must we do it with the lights on?
Because it’s your bed, your house, your way.
And me? I’m too submissive,
Have to do just what you say.


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Battered and bruised
So stressed and anxious
Unsure of myself
Seething with anguish.

Frightened and unsure
Just can’t let go
Coming apart
So little ego.

Brought to my knees
Stripped of my pride
Doubting my worth
Broken inside.

Bullied and hazed
Being put down
Made to feel worthless
When you are around.

But, it’s time to change
I’ve had enough
Going to fight back
Going to stand up.

Pushing back
Hard as I can
Going to keep at it
Till you understand.

Not going to take it
The bashing, the stress
I’m telling you now
I want out of this mess.

Stay where you are
Far away from me
You need to stand down
That’s how it will be.

I’ve found my center
I’ve found my core
I have no use for you


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