Staring straight into your eyes
So deep and irreverently cavernous
I see beyond your artful disguise
Into nothing but shameful darkness.

No truthfulness, no sincerity
Your meaningless, pointless banter
Intended to captivate me
Leaves me feeling such deep anger.

Obsessed with your flirtatious charm
What could I have been thinking?
You’re nothing but a charlatan
A sick, selfish human being.

Years I spent loving you
Believing your twisted lies
I shake my head and wonder now
All those countless alibis.

Making such a fool of me
The lies, deceit, the cheating
My wounded heart was torn apart
You laughed, I stood there bleeding.

Once that you were through with me
There was nothing left to say
I didn’t try and stop you
You simply walked away.

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via Daily Prompt: Lecture


Don’t lecture me about it
Please leave me alone
Don’t want to talk about it
I’ll do it on my own.

Stop nagging, I can’t stand it
Constant noise and pestering
I’ll do it when I’m ready
Can’t you see you bother me?

You never seem to let up
Always there to pull me down
I can’t escape your badgering
You’re there, always around.

Your attempts to try and guilt me
Aren’t working, can’t you see?
Why don’t you step back now?
Walk away and let me breathe.

Sitting on the sidelines
Must be so hard for you
You have to be the boss of
Every single thing I do.

Make your own decisions
So much happier you’ll be
Learn to mind your business
And I’ll take care of me.


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Sitting quietly on the beach
Watching the waves come in and out
The travelers, the locals
Make their way about.

Basking in the sunshine
Hiding under an umbrella
A group of older women
Huddle up together.

Crowded sandy beaches
Snowbirds come and go
Trying to escape the cold
The ice, the rain, the snow.

Playing cards or Bocce
Their skin warm and tan
Some blistering and over done
Still they soak up all they can.

Knelling by the water’s edge
The children build sand castles
The knights that they pretend to be
Prepare for water battles.

Windy sandy breezes
The smell of the sea air
Walking barefoot in the sand
No worries and no cares.

Pack a bag with lotion
A water bottle too
Bring a towel and sandwich
Enough for just us two.

A day spent at the ocean
Nothing could be better
Glad we have each other
So glad that we’re together.


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Spiraling out of control
Falling deeper into the void
Feeling so lost and alone
Wishing that I could avoid

Your well meaning intentions
Your imposed opinions and norms
Pushing me into a corner
Virtually grabbing my arm.

Step away from my meltdown
Let me implode on my own
This is my party, you’re not invited
Get out, please leave me alone.

Frantically losing my composure
Bouncing off the walls
Looking to tear my hair out
As I continue to fall.

Down below, in a cavern
Dark and made of stone
I reach up to turn a light on
I cry out loud and begin to moan.

I’ve cried and cried my heart out
It’s impaled and stuck to the wall
I have nothing left to live for
I have simply lost it all.


Ever since I heard the news
I’ve been feeling so emotional
She left this earth far too soon
My loss so inconsolable.

All the times she laughed out loud
Are ringing thru my mind
I can’t forget the things she said
When I saw her one last time.

Wishing she was with me
Someone I could turn to
Someone to hang out with
Now I don’t know what to do.

She had a way about her
She could always make me laugh
Now all that I am left with
Is a faded photograph.

They say the best way to go
Close your eyes, just fall asleep
She was spared the agony
At least now, she is at peace.


Photo by Angela Galardi
Space Coast Sunrise


via Daily Prompt: Conjure


When you conjure up a potion
Best to include an eye of newt
My friend Esmeralda
Told me what to do.

She said to find a lizard
A snail, a frog or two
Add some muddy water
A snake and one old shoe

Mix them altogether
Stir them in a pot
Make sure to get the fire
Burning really hot.

Once you get it going
Just repeat after me
Gobblely Gook, Snookety Snook
Gambee, Snambee, Mambee.

The pot will boil before your eyes
The fire will turn blue and green
The smell will be so horrible
Would make a human scream.

Cook it for an hour, hot
Stir it, then let it simmer
When you’re done, you’ve conjured up
A potion that will win her.

All it takes is a magical spell
To bring you back together
Just get her to take one small sip
And, she’ll be yours forever.


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Cauldron Crone for Talisman by feliciacano on DeviantArt


No room to move
Stretched too thin
Looking back
No way in.

Trying hard
To step down
When I know
You’ll be around.

Scathing comments
Hurt like hell
My heart is bursting
No one can tell.

I keep it all
So deep inside
I swallow hard
To keep my pride.

Something’s wrong
Wrong with me
The rest of them
Can not see.

Don’t seem to mind
They ignore
No one to notice
The open door.

Take the pills
Don’t ask why
No pain to feel
No alibi.


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