I  stopped by our local thrift store

To make a small donation.

To pass along some nick nacks

I had found, while on vacation.


After dropping off a cardboard box

Some books, a vase and dvd’s,

I looked outside my window

And there before me, I could see


A dumpster filled with Teddy Bears,

Stuffed puppies, kittens and more.

I couldn’t help but gasp, as I realized

Just what this dumpster was for.


Their faces badly scratched and torn.

I looked on in disbelief.

I found myself so outraged

That I cried aloud, “Good Grief”!


No children to appeal to,

No rescues, no negotiations.

No one seemed to even notice.

Their cries of pain and indignation.


Now, I realize what can happen,

When you toss your furry friends aside.

If your mom does not hang on to them,

They might make their way inside.


Inside a dirty, smelly dumpster.

It hurts to see them there.

Forgotten, dumped and tattered,

No one to hug, to love or care.


I know,  they’re just stuffed animals

But, they’re more than just a toy.

They can offer tender comfort

To a lonely girl or boy.


So, keep in mind the heartbreak,

When your childhood treasures are all gone.

Don’t let them, end up in a dumpster,

Where they surely don’t belong.






Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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