Elephants do matter
They are creatures due respect.
They are massive, they are majestic.
They are animals to protect.

Why would, you want to hunt them?
So defenseless and unprotected.
Are you so shallow, so insensitive?
Were you really that neglected?

Does a gun make you feel powerful?
Does killing and maiming,  make you an man?
Does taking lives and violating,
As you tread on sacred land?

Elephants are dying
Sacrificed for greed and glory.
Their ivory sold on the black market.
There’s no end, to this sad story.

Photos taken with tail in hand
Speaks volumes about you.
What kind of sick , malicious man
Would do,  what you could do?

The whole world is now watching.
They see,  what you are capable of.
Your need to seek attention,
Your lack of respect and love.

Money, fame and glory,
Your only guiding force.
Makes us sick to our stomachs,
To know, there’s  no recourse.

We complain, as often as we can,
On Facebook and on Twitter.
Your plan to rape and pillage our planet,
Leaves us frustrated and so bitter.

We’re hoping for a miracle,
For people to come to their senses.
To stop your family from destroying us.
And, to end the need for fences.

It starts with caring for all of those
Unable to care for themselves.
We must stand up to bullying.
We must find a way to help.

It begins with protection for animals
For the young and the very old.
Then removing a power hungry man,
From what he considers to be, his throne.

We’ll take you down eventually.
Such evil cannot prevail.
The hunter will become the hunted,
Once you all end up in jail.

For now, leave the mighty elephant alone.
There is no honor in the killing,
Witnessed by her herd and calf
Such a tragic lack of feelings.












Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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