via Daily Prompt: Elegance

She was the height of elegance
Though she stood, but 5 feet tall
She spoke with the voice of an angel
Though she seemed to be quite small.

The power of her stunning words
Spoke volumes about us
She reflected upon small-mindedness
And the need to change, what was.

Pure evil and blatant racism
Were her foes, her nemesis
She fought a battle every day
Defeating hate and prejudice.

Marching down a crowded street
For what she believed was right
Was often met with hostility,
Though she knew that she was right.

Never giving in to pressure
To threats of pain or bodily harm
She showed up each and every day
To loudly sound the alarm.

Image from Google Images.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “THE HEIGHT OF ELEGANCE”

  1. Sorry , I didn’t know. It’s nice to be nominated, but I didn’t know that they would continue to nominate me. I received three award nominations, in one day! I could see that it could be a lot of work, to keep up. Just disregard. I totally understand.


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