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What is marital bliss?
A wink, a hug, and a butterfly kiss?
If you were asked,
Could you make a list?

Dinner with candlelight?
Expensive champagne?
The feeling you get,
When he speaks your name?

Breakfast in bed?
A rose on the tray?
The look in his eyes
The things that he’d say?

The touch of his hand
The first time you kissed?
Too many to mention
Too many to list.

How about the laundry?
Does he offer to help?
Or, leaves it to you
To do all by yourself?

Does he change diapers
Helps with the kids?
Does he try to blame you
For, the things that he did?

Does he rub your feet
At the end of the day?
Get you a blanket
Have his own way….

Of making you feel good
So, you’ll feel secure?
When having self doubts
Or, not feeling so sure?

If he’s got your back
And, he likes to kiss
I’d say you’ve defined it
It’s called, Marital Bliss.


Image from Google Images: k0412216

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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