via Daily Prompt: Compass


He lacks a moral compass
We’re heading off a cliff
Without regard for honor
Our ship will float adrift.

Selfish, narcissistic
Blatant lack of care
Our ship has lost its rudder
Our course, will lead nowhere.

Only his voice matters
It’s all he listens to
He’ll throw you overboard
With no plan to rescue you.

Given too much power
Heading…. full speed ahead
He’s not interested in democracy
Wants a dictatorship, instead.

Time for us to redirect
A mutiny’s at hand
Relieve him of his duty
We need to take a stand.

More rough water lies ahead
We need a steady course
We’re going to be run aground
Our condition’s getting worse.

Call all hands, up on deck
We’re heading thru rough weather
We have to stop this madman
We have to stick together.

Impeachment and imprisonment
His instability quite clear
A listing vessel, he’ll always be
A mass of greed and fear.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

5 thoughts on “ADRIFT”

      1. Hi Patty and thank you so much, that is really nice. I don’t participate (anymore) in any blogger ‘awards’ – I notice some people have a widget about not ‘accepting’ awards, readers and commenters and followers are reward enough – that’s how I feel. Thank you though. 🙂


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