via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Her proclivity toward success
Has left me sad and oh so lonely
I wished that just, just for once
I could be…her one and only.

Her concentration, facts and figures
Leaves me isolated and unfulfilled
Our emotional life is empty
I’m not at fault, not culpable.

Conversation, a waste of time
Her only interest is in herself
She can’t be bothered with listening
Unless it pertains, pertains to self.

Needing praise and recognition
She climbs the corporate ladder
I stand alone on the bottom wrung
Knowing clearly, I don’t matter.

Stabbing, clawing, undermining
Pushing anyone in her way
No regard for idle chatter
No interest in anything I say.

If it doesn’t pertain to business
Doesn’t benefit her career
She’ll make you feel so insignificant
Her lack of interest, crystal clear.

She is blinded by power and status
On a path going somewhere
Nowhere, I’m interested in going
Not a life, I want to share.

Life is more than just the money
Power goals and mindless greed
Her cruelty and cold heartedness
Are just… not what I feel, or need.


Image from Google Images: thebusinesswomanmedia.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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