via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Her proclivity to kindness
Makes her special in many ways
She’s a saint, a gifted angel
Always, knows just what to say.

Anyone, whose life she touches
Will never, ever be the same
She can help with all your sadness
She can take away your pain.

She listens, when you speak
Gives you all of her attention
She looks into your eyes
Gives you love and true affection.

I trust her with my secrets
My inner fears and aspirations
She will never betray me
She gives me hope and validation.

The one I always turn to
When I feel lost or having doubt
She knows exactly what I feel
She knows what life’s about.

She’s my guardian angel
Always close, right by my side
She can take away the heartache
That I keep so deep inside.

She’s my mentor, my best friend
We have a special kind of connection
You may not see her , or can hear her
She’s in my heart, my imagination.

If you need her, at any time
Just call out and she’ll be there
She has a special way of knowing
When you need to know, she cares.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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