She waited for me through it all
She waited until, I was ready
She knew I was frightened, so scared
She could see that my gait wasn’t steady.

My hands were shaking, just a bit
I was somewhat confused, in a daze
She offered to get me some coffee
She was kind, in a comforting way.

I asked for a small glass of water
I was sure it would help, calm me down.
I held the glass to my quivering lips
Not believing, just what I had found.

His eyes were fixed and wide open
His skin had a pale, cold hue
He was wearing a ring on his finger
It was clear, what I needed to do.

I called 911 on my cell phone
The dispatcher was clear and precise
She asked me, for my location
She asked me to repeat it back, twice.

I walked alone, down to the water
I wanted to gather my thoughts
It was there that I noticed his body
He was covered in seaweed and moss.

I didn’t scream, when I fist saw him
I did gasp and did lose my breath
It was only for a brief moment
But a moment, I will never forget.

A woman appeared out of nowhere
She was out on her evening beach walk
She saw me alone in the distance
When she approached, I was unable to talk.

I pointed to the man lying supine
Dressed in khakis and a green polo shirt
She looked at him and then realized
He’d been stabbed and was fatally hurt.

There was a knife still impaled, in his shoulder
Looked like, it may have pierced his heart
Someone had lost all control that night
And had stabbed him right there, in the dark.

The police arrived in their squad cars
No need to run sirens and lights
The damage had already been done
Someone’s heart would be broken tonight.

I walked with the woman, to her house
She owned a small beach bungalow
We sat in her enclosed breezeway
Watching the authorities working below.

She asked if she could call someone, for me
I explained that I lived all alone
I spent an hour, maybe two with her
Before making my way, back home.

There was no wallet, no identification
No distinguishing piercings or marks
No clues to pursue or investigate
No other statements or helpful remarks.

The detectives deemed it a cold case
There were no leads, no clues to build upon
John Doe’s murder remains unsolved
But the memory of that night, lives on.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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