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So comfy and so cozy
Bring your coffee over here
Let’s get warm, next to the fire
Come sit with me, my dear.

Let’s cuddle up, let’s snuggle
I need to feel you close
No other one can please me
You’re the one I love the most.

The snow so white and quiet
Falling gently to the ground
The burning logs are flickering
No other noise, or other sounds.

My head upon your shoulder
The stillness in the room
My hand in yours, so comforting
The smell of sweet perfume.

They say compatibility
Comes but once in a lifetime
I can’t believe I found you
This feeling’s so sublime.

Read to me from Dickinson
So relaxing, so carefree
The love I feel, your voice so sweet
Can’t believe, you’re next to me.

Watching the deer, from the window
A mother and her little fawn.
I’m cherishing every sweet moment
For soon , I know you’ll be gone.

Time flies by so quickly
It will soon be time, for you to leave
I’ll count every second, while you’re away
I’ll have to have faith, and believe.

That somehow, you will return to me
That no harm will come to you
I know your honor and loyalty
Make you do, what you have to do.

I’m proud to see you in uniform
I know you have to do what is right
Our freedom doesn’t come cheaply
For some, there is always a price.

But for now, let’s get comfy and cozy
Let’s enjoy the cold snowy weather
Let’s sit by the fire and be warm
Let’s enjoy our last night, together.

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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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