via Daily Prompt: Extravagant


Furs, and pearls, and diamonds
Always so extravagant
Lavish jewels, expensive trips
Made me feel inadequate.

No sense of style, or fashion
No expensive flashy cars
I drove a modest automobile
She drove a red Jaquar.

Only five star restaurants
She enjoyed fillet mignon
My idea of extravagance
Subway’s Chicken Parmesan.

Country clubs and luncheons
With other social butterflies
I kept to myself, an introvert
A quiet kind of guy.

She threw the best of parties
A posh list of socialites
I wasn’t one for partying
No cocktails, and no nightlife.

Expensive trips thru Europe
Paris, France…her second home
Afraid to fly or board a ship
I chose to be, alone.

We met one day, on holiday
At a shelter for the homeless
Volunteered two days a month
To spend the day among us.

Though she had tons of money
She never once forgot her roots
She shared her time and wealth
With no guile, or attitude.

Committed to helping others
She would always lend a hand
Donated to many causes
She was elegant, quite grand.

She’d arrive, no introductions
Rolling up her soft, silk sleeves
She would pitch right in to help
Anyone, who was in need.

Class cannot be measured
By coins of silver, or of gold
She was a classy lady,
A kind spirit, a caring soul.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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