via Daily Prompt: Almost


It’s almost time, I have to go
There’s nothing more to say
Please don’t try and make it worse
By begging me to stay.

Too many times, you said to me
“I’ll never hold you back”
How many times, I waited
Standing on the railroad tracks.

Knowing you weren’t coming home
Too much time had passed
Wondering who you were with
How long this crush would last.

Too many lies, that you’ve told
The senseless accusations
It’s nothing but, a house of cards
Built upon deception.

Selfish, cruel, withholding
Though I pleaded for affection
You turned your back so many times
I felt such cold rejection.

You saved your best for someone else
Champagne and candlelight
I know just how you set the stage
I remember our first night.

Slow dancing after dinner
The sultry conversation
The mood you set, a spider’s web
The height of anticipation.

But, once you finally make your move
And get what you are after
You sit back, a smile on your face
I can hear the heartless laughter.

You have no use for love and trust
You’re all about the game
The fun is in the lure, the lust
The sweet taste of hurt and pain.


Image from Google Images: DYNTRM

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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