In the moonlight, near the window
I lie awake and watch you sleep.
I long to tell you I’m afraid.
I close my eyes and softly weep.

I feel alone, yet you’re beside me.
Why am I feeling so withdrawn?
Why can’t I love you, as you love me?
Without such guile, without such scorn?

I’m afraid to start over.
To share my life with someone new.
I’ve been alone so long, it’s familiar.
It feels safe. What can I do?

I long to hold you, feel you beside me,
But I am plagued with doubt and fear.
I feel so separate, so distant.
Yet, I long to have you near.

I gaze upon you, in the darkness.
Your sweet face is all I see.
I feel your hair beneath my fingers.
I kiss your cheek so tenderly.

In the moonlight, near the window.
I feel a soft yet gentle breeze.
I whisper softly, I do love you.
You really are the one I need.


Image by Angela Galardi
Space Coast Sunrise

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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