via Daily Prompt: Inkling


I’ve had an inkling
About who you are
We met on a weekend
At Houlihan’s Bar.

Something about you
The look in your eyes
I’ve got some questions
You’ve got alibis.

You look kind of shady
I’ve got my doubts
I’m trying my best
To figure you out.

Witness protection?
Involved in a crime?
Are you hiding out
To avoid doing time?

Are you a robber
A scammer, a thief?
What are you hiding
Deep underneath?

Involved in a murder?
You saw too much?
You had to relocate
And keep out of touch?

I read in the paper
A guy’s on the run
He wasn’t a mobster
He was his son.

What’s on your agenda?
Do you have a plan?
Will I find out
You’re a wanted man?

Tell me the truth
Before it’s too late
Don’t make me wonder
Don’t make me wait.


Image from Google Images: postermywall

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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