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She was so ill mannered
Used profuse offensive slang
She spent time with criminals
Was a member of a gang.

She was only 12 years old
Too young to cuss and smoke
No chance to go to college
Spent her days out smoking dope.

Her mother was a prostitute
Her dad a known crack head
Who knew what became of him?
They figured he was dead.

She hung out at the playground
With an older crowd
She had tattoos and piercings
It made her feel so proud.

She wore a red bandana
Trimmed in navy blue
Those were her gang’s colors
They told her what to do.

Gang banging ….her initiation
She was scared but went along
She had to prove her loyalty
She needed to belong.

Cutting her known past time
She had scars on both her arms
One six-inch scar on her right wrist
Should’a sounded an alarm.

Her teacher saw the evidence
Signs of neglect and child abuse
She tried to get close to her
She could see she was confused.

She finally was arrested
Tried as a juvenile
There was no getting thru to her
When sentenced she just smiled.

A product of the system
Always looking for a fight
No matter what she tried to do
It never turned out right.

One day a social worker
After weeks of one on one
Saw a different side of her
A relationship had begun.

All she needed was that someone
Just one person she could trust
It made all the difference
Helped her change and to adjust.

She’s now happily married
She has two daughters of her own
She left behind a troubled past
And the life that she’d once known.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

11 thoughts on “TRUST”

  1. I’m sure my ending is incredibly optimistic. I thought of having her kill herself, be murdered, or have her overdose on drugs…. but, since I had control…I opted to rescue her. The odds are stacked against a kid like that, for sure! It must be really hard for you. You deal with a lot of tragedy and heartache… in your line of work. I give you a lot of credit! :
    Thanks for your comments. 🙂


    1. She had been through enough. Very sad! Realistically….I’m sure it would have ended badly. But, this is fiction after all… I get to control her fate. Who doesn’t like a happy ending? Thanks so much for your kind comments. 🙂

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