via Daily Prompt: Insist


If you insist on bringing your dog on dates
You can expect to be on your own
Most people would be put off by this
Might wanna leave your dog at home.

If you insist on talking about your mom
And the fun you two have together
If you go on and on about her
She won’t think you’re very clever.

Discussing the unemployment line
And your car payment that’s overdue
Might be considered a warning sign
And turn her off on you.

Your interest in the internet
Your focus on photography
Could have been a talking point
Till you brought up the pornography.

Suggesting you two should split the bill
While sitting eating dinner
She may think you’re somewhat selfish
A big loser, not a winner.

When the waiter brings the wine list
And you ask for wine in a box
That’s as unacceptable as you
Wearing those two different socks.

Speaking of your wardrobe
That Hawaiian shirt seems out of place
Did you notice her disapproval
And the look upon her face?

She wore a simple black silk dress
Her hair was tastefully done
You wore shorts and sneakers
And a shabby short man bun.

Forget about the classy chicks
Do what you want to do
Consider that it’s her loss
If she’s not that into you.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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