via Daily Prompt: Conjure


When you conjure up a potion
Best to include an eye of newt
My friend Esmeralda
Told me what to do.

She said to find a lizard
A snail, a frog or two
Add some muddy water
A snake and one old shoe

Mix them altogether
Stir them in a pot
Make sure to get the fire
Burning really hot.

Once you get it going
Just repeat after me
Gobblely Gook, Snookety Snook
Gambee, Snambee, Mambee.

The pot will boil before your eyes
The fire will turn blue and green
The smell will be so horrible
Would make a human scream.

Cook it for an hour, hot
Stir it, then let it simmer
When you’re done, you’ve conjured up
A potion that will win her.

All it takes is a magical spell
To bring you back together
Just get her to take one small sip
And, she’ll be yours forever.


Image from Google Images:
Cauldron Crone for Talisman by feliciacano on DeviantArt

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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