Staring straight into your eyes
So deep and irreverently cavernous
I see beyond your artful disguise
Into nothing but shameful darkness.

No truthfulness, no sincerity
Your meaningless, pointless banter
Intended to captivate me
Leaves me feeling such deep anger.

Obsessed with your flirtatious charm
What could I have been thinking?
You’re nothing but a charlatan
A sick, selfish human being.

Years I spent loving you
Believing your twisted lies
I shake my head and wonder now
All those countless alibis.

Making such a fool of me
The lies, deceit, the cheating
My wounded heart was torn apart
You laughed, I stood there bleeding.

Once that you were through with me
There was nothing left to say
I didn’t try and stop you
You simply walked away.

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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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