You’re the one, you supplied the gun
You’re the one responsible
You’re the one who loaded it up
You’re the one who made it possible.

Courting men in suits and ties
Hoping for more funding
Anything to line your pockets
A way to make more money.

Countless attacks occurring in schools
Still you cajole the IRA
Selling guns to the mentally ill
No matter what we have to say.

Stop the madness, stop the noise
No one needs an assault rifle
Except the military or the state police
The outcome’s just too frightful.

We hear it on the evening news
The reports are oh so chilling
Countless children losing their lives
Needless, senseless killings.

No compassion or feelings of sympathy
No urgency to respond
You’ve got to address the loss of life
Face the parents, whose children are gone.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “LOSS OF LIFE”

  1. Here in Aus, we find it astounding that these massacres keep happening. We don’t understand the US fascination with guns, the right to bear arms, the easy and cheap access to killing machines. Our hearts feel your pain, we weep for the loss of innocent lives, and we hope that one day this (what aussies see as) madness ceases. My thoughts and love go out to all who’ve lost loved ones in this manner xx


    1. No words can describe the horror that we… as a nation…. are going thru, especially with trump at the helm. I grieve for the families that have lost their loved ones, in yet another …… senseless act of terror!!!! It’s all about GREED and MONEY!!!! Thank you for taking the time to comment. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and opinions!

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