Where are the angels when you need them most?
Don’t send me a demon, don’t send me a ghost
When I’m scared and afraid, I call out your name
Please come and protect me, I loudly exclaim.

My angel is close, never too far away
She’s always there, to chase my fears away
I’m never lonely, never left on my own
I’m never abandoned, I’m never alone.

She comforts and guides me, makes me feel safe
She keeps me away from a cold and deep grave
With her, by my side, I am free to explore
I can feel safe to walk thru, almost any door.

Darkness escapes me when she is near
She’s always beside me, she’s always here
When I am in trouble, when I am in pain
I know she will come, I’ll feel better again.

If you are sad and can’t face the day
My advice to you, is to try and pray
Ask for an angel, to come to your rescue
Ask for an angel, to always be with you.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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