via Daily Prompt: Fabric


What constitutes the fabric of your being?
Is it your quest for power or your need for justice?
Is it lying greed or
The fear that funds us?

Take a good look inside yourself,
Rely on your conscience, rely on your self
Look for a reason, some moral ground
Maybe, at last, you may have found.

That truth and honor outweighs the past
If you’re remembered, memories will last
Stand up and be counted, be kind and be strong
Learn to be forthright so you will belong.

Standing alone is isolating and cold
It wears you down and soon will get old
Stand up and be counted, raise your head high
Let everyone know your reasons why.

Why in a moment, a moment of time
You found yourself, your rhythm and rhyme
Now balanced and stable, you stand on your own
As a man of honor, you found your way home.


Image from Google Images: loralucero.word

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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