Umbrellas and chairs line the beaches
An array of colors everywhere
Bikinis and shorts, flip flops and sandals
Even suits that you wouldn’t dare wear.

Bellies and thighs, muscles and six packs
Some are stacked and some are bulked
Children are running from water to shore
From the Pacific right down to the Gulf.

The sun shines down upon their faces
It can scald and leave a nasty burn
If they don’t use a number 50 sunscreen
Soon a lesson will be learned.

The water makes it’s way to shore
Along with jelly fish and seaweed
The surfer doesn’t care too much
A wave is all he’s needing.

Coolers filled with ice and drinks
Sandwiches and chips
Everyone wants to eat some lunch
So glad they made the trip.

Snowbirds, locals and visitors
Make their way to the beach each year
From January to the end of April
They’ll park themselves right here.

Brown and white, short or tall
They will end up all together
Basking in the afternoon sun
The perfect place for them to gather.


Image from Google Images: capecodtreausrechest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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