via Daily Prompt: Suddenly


He suddenly realized
That it was over, said and done.
He finally realized that he had lost her
To someone.

Years of the emotional abuse
Had finally come to an end
She finally found her center
And was no longer giving in.

Giving in to all the madness
She was finally back on track
She had no intention of ever
Of ever going back.

He was surprised and bewildered
Thought he could do whatever he wanted
That she would always capitulate
He now was left to wonder.

When did he lose his grasp on her
When did she slip away
There was nothing left for him to do
Nothing left for him to say.

He had a way of controlling her
Through belittling intimidation
She was too weak to see through him
Giving in to the humiliation.

But thankfully someone had finally appeared
Someone incredibly kind and true
She was now able to stand up to him
She knew what she needed to do.

She packed her bags, headed out the door
Knew she had made the right decision
He asked her to stay, wanted her back
He begged to be forgiven.

But too much water under the bridge
Too many years of hate and pain
Nothing could ever come of this
She knew he’d never change.


Image from Google Images: gingersoftware.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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