via Daily Prompt: Grasp


You slipped away from me
I simply lost my grasp
You ran away from me
Guess you didn’t want a bath.

I chased you around the house
Up the stairs, then out the door
Soap and water everywhere
On the ceiling and the floor.

I almost grabbed your tail
But never wanted to hurt you
Just tried to keep you clean
Free of bugs, what could I do?

Once you got outside
You were happy playing in the yard
I tried my best to care for you
I really did try hard.

Can an old dog learn new tricks?
I would say that they sure can
You figured out a way
You figured out a plan.

You knew just what to do
You saw your chance for an escape
You got yourself right out of there
You got away for goodness sake.


Image from Google Images: petpatroldoghotel

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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