JUSTICE (Part 3)

After multiple looks at the crime scene photos
No one had come up with anything News
But, the type of wire used to bind the women
Proved to be an important clue.

Turns out the wire that was used was specific
Sold at only seven local hardware stores
After multiple trips to the stores in question
It was determined what it was sold for.

The wire that was used was chicken wire
Which led the police to some local farms
Cross-checking the tire tracks and imprints
Ultimately gave them cause for alarm.

An “online” ad was soon uncovered
Helping to ID the man they suspected
A quiet man, who kept to himself
His horrific behavior so unexpected.

A search warrant obtained, they finally had cause
And were able to search his van
They were already sure, they already knew
They were about to arrest the right man.i

Duct tape, wire, and a serrated knife
A can of gasoline and bottle of chloroform
All were found in the back of his van
Tools he used to inflict pain and harm.

Handcuffed and sent straight to prison
He would soon be meeting his fate
No leniency given, no excuses
No chance for a pardon or escape.

Justice served the day he died
Though it could not bring back the victims
The pain they endured, the suffering
Had unimaginably happened to them.


Image from Google Images: ddnigeriangoats.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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