Try to erase the memory
Try to get him out of your mind
Why can’t you let go of him
Leave thoughts of him behind?

You feel tortured and distressed
Can’t you try and let him go
Can anybody help you?
It happened so long ago.

You don’t want to spend your lifetime
Having to feel this way
He’s not worth the energy
Or the hours in your day.

He occupies your daydreams
He haunts your dreams at night
None of this that’s happening
Is real, or even right.

He already has forgotten you
Doubt he recalls your name
You were just one of many
But still, you are in pain.

Will therapy or hypnosis
Help you to erase
The memories that are plaguing you
That linger in his place?

The lies and the betrayal
Should be enough to let him go
It’s an obsession that you’re feeling
It’s not love, this much you know.

Like a medical affliction
Should be a cure for what you feel
It’s just a mere obsession
What you’re feeling isn’t real.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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