via Daily Prompt: Faceless


Each day I awaken to a life with little purpose or meaning
I feel faceless and worthless…. but I continue on
Living without you is a struggle, an uphill battle
I’ve felt this unhappy, since the day you were gone.

Pushing forward, pushing ahead…I try, but it doesn’t get any better
I keep wondering if the pain that I feel will ever go, will ever leave me.
It’s unfair, you walked away. Your life goes on.
You get to be happy. You get to be free.

I realize that so many people have it much worse, a lot worse than I do
I’m fixated and wasting my time on thoughts of you.
I need to move on, learn to appreciate my life.
Before too long, my life will be over. I know what I need to do.

Stop whining, get on with my life…I tell myself again and again.
Stop wanting more. Stop expecting more. Stop feeling so incredibly needy.
Time to step back, get ahold of myself
Be satisfied with what I have. Stop being so abashedly greedy.

It’s all a state of mind. None of its real
It’s just a fantasy. Do dreams ever really come true?
I imagined you. I conjured up a world, a life
The life I thought I’d have with you.


Image from Google Images: poemsearcher.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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