I love bacon
But I love pigs more
Two eggs over easy with the “b-word” and fries
Tastes so good
But, I can’t in good conscience.

I watched a video
They showed how the pigs were put to death
It broke my heart
I can’t, in good conscience, eat bacon anymore.

They’re intelligent
As smart or maybe smarter than a dog
Just can’t go there
I can’t in good conscience enjoy a BLT.

Charlotte’s Web
One of my all-time favorites
Wilbur, really?
I could never in good conscience, sell him at the fair.

Piggy Toes
A game I played with my kids
This little piggy…
I can’t in good conscience, forget how it made them laugh.

Pigs make good pets
They shouldn’t be eaten
It’s just not right
I can’t in good conscience, enjoy a pork tenderloin.

Pork Chops
That’s out of the question
No matter what
I can’t in good conscience, forget where they came from.

Pigs in the blanket
I think that’s a reference to cows, pigs, and other weird animal parts
Well, I can’t in good conscience, forget about those hot dogs.

I do love bacon
But, I love the pigs more
Guess, I should start looking at produce
Next trip to the store.


Image from Google Images: kids.nationalgeographic.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “I LOVE BACON”

  1. I do eat Bacon and Ham, but I have never liked Pork. I do feel more guilty eating this animal that I do most others.
    I keep Hens, and whilst I would never kill and eat them, I do buy and eat chicken. I always say “As long as I haven’t been introduced, it’s all right”. But this is one of those lies we tell ourselves.

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  2. I stopped eating bacon about a year ago. It is delicious, but when I think about the source….I feel sooooo guilty! When I had chickens, I never thought about killing and eating them, especially since they had names. Fresh eggs are great, but I could never eat the chickens! Thanks for reading my post, Kristian! It means a lot to me. 🙂


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