via Daily Prompt: Radiant


She was radiant, incredible
I knew right from the start
I saw her from across the room
Be still my beating heart.

I fell for her, at first glance
Head over hills in love
I was smitten, shot with an arrow
I thought, blessed from up above.

My knees were weak, stomach turned
Never knew this feeling before
Something about her smile
Made me know, I needed more.

She made her way, stood before me
Asked if I wanted to dance
Before I knew what was happening
I was lured into romance.

She had a way, unique to me
She was so mesmerizing
I had no choice, she took control
Her voice, so hypnotizing.

I left with her, walked out the door
I would have followed her anywhere
She brought me home, I didn’t know
I believed she really cared.

All a game, just for fun
I was a mere distraction
After months of lustful sex
She began to lose compassion.

Before I could blink, I was dismissed
She was onto a new attraction
She dumped and cast me aside
No concern for my reaction.

A relationship junkie needs her fix
She’d do anything to get that high
She needed more than I could give
I knew better than to ask her, why.

Over and over, and over again
She moves like a snake from person to person
Taking what she needs from them
No concern when you say, you’re hurting.

Stripped to the bone, left for dead
I will never be the same
If she and I were face to face
I doubt she’d even know my name.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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