The stars are sparkling in the air
Like diamonds everywhere
Curiously captivated
I have to stop, I have to stare.

Intriqued and mesmerized
Can’t stop gazing at the sky
I can’t take my eyes off
Can’t stop feeling hypnotized.

The moon is bright, illuminating
Spotlights the trees below
Their branches and fallen leaves
All blanketed in the snow.

I marvel at the magic
A spectacular creation
Who placed the light so far above?
Who gave us illumination?

What keeps the moon up in the sky?
What gives the stars their sparkle?
Who sprinkled the snow, all over the ground
What makes the sky look purple?

At night the mix of dark blue and white
A mix of red from the setting sun
Swirled together, a grand menagerie
Delighting everyone.

Dancing across the water
Upon frozen cystals of ice
The music from the wind , the owl
Now, welcoming the night.

All the joy and wonder
A spectacle of dreams
Feels like I am flying
My smile so bright, it gleams.

Thankful for these moments
The pleasures given to me
The world that surrounds and keeps me
As happy as can be.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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