The roadblock was set up
The cars being stopped
We waited in line
Then spoke to the cop.

Where is your license?
What’s your destination?
Do you live here?
Are you on a vacation?

If they search the car
They’re sure to find
The guns and the drugs
I’m praying this time.

We needed the money
I agreed to transport
Just hope I’m not caught
And end up in court.

The cop was quite young
Maybe late 20’s or 30’s
He smiled as he told me
No need to worry.

I thanked him and smiled
As I drove away
I wondered if he
Was told what to say.

I made the transfer
When it got dark
I met up with a guy
Who called himself, Mark.

He gave me the money
For the drugs and the guns
I counted it first
Then I’d begun

To drive away slowly
To not make a fuss
I was happy I made it
I was happy for us.


Image from Google Images:

* This is fictitious.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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