via Daily Prompt: Froth


Foaming at the mouth
Looking so insane
We had to call the cops
He was sick, it was quite plain.

The froth he was emitting
From the corners of his mouth
His teeth exposed, his snarling
The foam upon his snout.

Running round in circles
Howling to the wind
Everyone knew whose dog he was
He belonged to an old friend.

Always sweet and gentle
Played with the kids in the backyard
Always there to protect them
A formidable bodyguard.

We knew this wouldn’t end well
He’d have to be put down
This was going to be a sad day
The saddest day in town.

When my friend arrived
We all began to cry
He knew that it was hopeless
We could see tears in his eyes.

I never will forget
The sound the poor dog made
When the policeman fired his gun
No way he could be saved.

My heart was truly broken
I felt such hurt and pain
There was nothing we could do
Things would never be the same.

My friend dropped to his knees
There were no words to say
We all felt so bad
When they took his dog away.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

23 thoughts on “MAN’S BEST FRIEND”

      1. Dogs are loyal and their love unconditional. We had a similar experience and my (now) ex had to shoot our dog. Well he wasn’t ours, he came with the property, but he was beyond saving. He said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

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  1. It almost felt wrong to click ‘Like’, I like your poem of course, they are always excellent, but it was such a sad story. I was hoping it had turned out the dog had just got some foam from someone’s frothy coffee on his face. Very sad. But great poem, as always.

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