via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


She came out of nowhere
You knew from the start
One look at her face,
And you came apart.

You broke down and told her
You came unglued
It was too soon to say it
But you said, “I love you”.

Fixated, overwhelmed
You fell head over heels
Was this a mere fantasy?
Was this for real?

The glimmer, the glamour
When she entered a room
You were caught in her spell
Once you smelled her perfume.

The sound of her voice
The touch of her hand
The way that she held you
Too dizzy to stand.

She laid down beside you
Her touch made you weak
Excited and shaking
Your life was complete.

The moment you met her
You knew it won’t last
She wanted too much
She came on too fast.

Too good to be true
Should’a known from the start
That she would leave you
That she’d break your heart.


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YouTube Video: PULLING ME IN

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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