He tried to kick my door down
One more time…it would give way
I stood there shaking and praying
But, he finally walked away.

Maybe he was just a kid
Thought breaking in was fun
A bottle of booze, some food in the fridge
But, what if he was carrying a gun?

Did he know that I was there inside?
That I was home alone?
He probably just wandered by
And thought no one was home.

I should have kept my pistol loaded
It was there right in my purse
With hands shaking, I held it close
Hoping things didn’t get any worse.

I finally called 911
Who knew, when he’d come back?
I was scared and freaking out
So afraid of being attacked.

The police arrived, took some photos
The door was clearly damaged
They gave me a ride into town
Said this guy was on a rampage.

Guess I was lucky, it could have been worse
What if he had gotten in?
I was freaked out, afraid, so scared
I couldn’t stop thinking of him.

I loved the woods, the sound of the birds
Such beautiful smells and sights
But the sound of the Sheriff’s final words
Still echoes with me at night.

Mam, you’re not safe staying here alone
Might consider moving into town
There are a lot of unsavory fellows out here
Out here… just wandering around.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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