It was a steamy, hot, summer day
The sweat beaded upon my forehead
The fan blades spinning around
It was a climate so incredibly torrid.

I ordered a beer straight from the tap
It was so cold and unbelievably refreshing
I sat at a table alone
My hair wet, I was obviously sweating.

She was wearing a long, cotton skirt
Her dark hair pulled back from her face
I’d seen her from somewhere before
But never in this bar, in this place.

She glanced over at me from afar
The foam from the beer settling in her glass
Receded slowly as I stared at her
I so wanted to make this moment last.

I asked if she’d like to join me
We were the only customers there
I motioned for her to come over
As I attempted to pull up a chair.

The jukebox was conveniently playing
One of my all time favorite songs
I held myself back from starting to sing
Didn’t think I should be singing along.

But as she approached the table, I noticed
She knew the words to Kokomo, too
We both began singing together
It was fun, something we both liked to do.

“Bermuda, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya”
The words echoing about the room
We had a few cold ones together
It didn’t take long before I knew.

She was amazingly easy going
I was attracted to her wit and her charm
The wind began to pick up a bit
There might be an approaching bad storm.

The heat from the blazing afternoon sun
Did not abate or tarnish our fun
We laughed and shared a few stories
Then watched when the rain had begun.

The temperature dropped, it felt pleasant
As we danced to a few slow tunes
Before long the storm had passed us by
We now danced by the light of the moon.

She lived and worked on the island
It was the beginning of a lasting kinship
I would take her back to my apartment
I would kiss all the salt from her lips.


Image from Google Images:


YouTube: Kokomo ….The Beach Boys

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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