Come join us for a beach day
Bring your chair and suntan lotion
We’ll supply the umbrella,
Cold drinks and the blue ocean.

Let’s build a magic sand castle
With tunnels and a moat
We have lots of water toys
and lots of rubber floats.

Let’s look for shells upon the shore
Let’s walk along the beach
We’ll try and catch some sand crabs
Scampering just “outta” reach.

Watch the sailboats in the distance
The surfers riding on the waves
Watching out for mermaids
The pirates and their knaves.

Swimming in the water
Beware of sharks and man of war
Jellyfish and octopus
That swim too close to shore.

Let’s play catch in the sun
We have frisbees and colored rings
We tried to bring what we could
We brought most everything.

For lunch we’ll serve P & J
On white bread and on wheat
They’ll be chips and cookies too
There’s always lots of treats.

Relax , let go, enjoy the day
You deserve a break
Forget your worries and the stress
Have fun for goodness sake.


Image from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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