Get him off the stage
Somebody get the hook
Time to remove this guy
He’s nothing but a crook.

Skimming, cheating, lying
What are you waiting for?
This guy needs to be removed
We can’t take it anymore.

Mueller’s got the power
Only he can take him down
The republicans are dead and blind
They won’t make a sound.

He’s burying our country
All that we hold dear
He’s ruining our reputation
Get him out of here.

His decisions are destroying
Our democracy and freedom
He tries to hide behind the scenes
Anytime that we might need him.

A coward and a bully
A childish excuse of a man
Doing what he wants to do
Taking every chance he can.

Toying with our safety
Aggravating hostile leaders
Anything he feels like
He ‘s a low life bottom feeder.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “GET THE HOOK”

  1. well-said. I read that a recent study shows after he was elected the anxiety levels in American has significantly increased. I can’t say mine hasn’t !

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