via Daily Prompt: Skewed


The outcome was all wrong
The data had been skewed
No one… able to change it
No one knew what to do.

Stunned, perplexed, bewildered
A shocked look upon your face
You stood there paralyzed, horrified
As he walked off with the race.

A demon and a racist
He’s sitting in the oval office
There was no attempt to try and stop him
Now he appoints all of our bosses.

The country has gone mad
Thinks he’s the king and not our president
Someone, please do something
He’s settled in, it’s now his residence.

He’s got plans to make it permanent
Wants to rule like Kim Jong Un
The demise of our democracy
It has started …it’s begun.

It’s all about the money
He calls it tax reform
He’s taking from the poor
He’s causing pain and harm.

He has no honor, morals or character
He’s a shallow bully of a man
He lies and takes from anyone
He’ll cheat anyone he thinks he can.

The elderly….being evicted
From the safety of nursing homes
While he grants more tax breaks to the wealthy
They will be turned out on their own.

Wake up, take back your country
We have to take a stand
He has to be impeached and imprisoned
He’s an evil excuse of a man.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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