The lyrics reach out
They speak to me
The music conveys
What used to be.

The way it was
Before you left
When my heart was yours
It’s all in my head.

The tears still come
They fill my eyes
I need to let go
I keep asking why.

Obsessed, overwhelmed
With thoughts of you
So consumed with loss
What can I do?

The years pass by
You’re long gone
You never looked back
You moved on.

What’s holding me back?
This isn’t love
A mere obsession
Is all I think of.

It’s wrapped around
My heart and soul
It’s taken my joy
I’m out of control.

Set me free
Break the chains
Get out of my mind
Stop causing me pain.

The memory of you
Is no longer real
It’s morphed into something
That I need to feel.

Twisted, distorted
Like a worn out old tape
Played too many times
While asleep or awake.

Turn down the volume
Play a new song
This one keeps repeating
It’s been playing too long!


Image from Google Images: analogplanet.com


Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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